What financing options are available for my project?

When starting a construction project, whether for your dream home or a new business space, it requires financial planning.

Ready to Build? Discover the Benefits of Exceed Finance Ltd.

When starting a construction project, whether for your dream home or a new business space, it requires
financial planning. While many immediately think of banks for funding, finance brokers, like Exceed Finance, offer an alternative that could align more closely with your needs and are more easily accessible through their partnerships, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4 lending facilities. Even if you’ve been declined by the bank for the loan product you’re looking for, there may be an even better avenue for funding elsewhere via the finance broker channel. It is as easy as completing an online application form and providing business financials. This means, there are much more options available at your fingertips, than just conventional mortgage institutions!

Choosing Exceed Finance for your construction project funding comes with several benefits:

Their finance broker will work with you to help find the best options available to you, that meets your needs through their direct access and preferred interest rates and through 11 different lending facilities,
such as Heartland, UDC, Oxford, Prospa, and the list goes on. Often, they have the ability to approve loans faster than traditional banks, which means getting started on your project sooner and saving other costs. Additionally, their focus on specific financing solutions means they’re equipped to provide options that align with your business growth goals and with them being a small family business, they take the time and attention required for each of their clients.

For those planning a construction project, Exceed Finance presents a viable and often more suitable alternative to traditional banks for faster, easier funding. With a streamlined application process, clear communication about costs, personalised services, and flexibility, finance companies are helping more people bring their construction dreams to life. Before making a decision, it’s worthwhile to explore how a finance company can support your specific needs and goals for your next construction project. At Exceed Finance, you can even fill out a no obligation application form first, to get an idea of what might be available for you.

Exploring Finance Brokers – Fast and Easy Financing for Your Building Projects:

Getting financing through a company, such as Exceed Finance, is as simple as filling out a 5-minute online form for your application and providing your financials for lenders to review. One of the biggest advantages of going through a finance company is the straightforward application process, often using secured online platforms where you can easily submit your information, without the need for extensive paperwork. This means you can move forward with your construction plans quicker and with less hassle, while your broker handles the rest for you.

Exceed Finance works behind the scenes to secure your financing for you. Finance brokers have ongoing relationships with multiple lenders and financiers, this enables your finance broker to know the best place to submit your loan, based on your needs and the lender’s criteria, as well as negotiate for the best interest rates available on your behalf. It’s important to note that fees and interest rates vary from each individual’s credit profile, from lender to lender, and vary depending on what loan product you are seeking approval for. Specific fees and interest rate ranges can be provided after an initial assessment performed by Exceed Finance. Also noting finance approval is based on a risk-based assessment, and your interest rate will be a direct reflection of the level of risk the lender sees for potential default or loss. Loans with assets used as security, usually offer lower interest rates than unsecured lending, as it is a lower risk lend for the Financier. Exceed Finance has experience and relationships with their lenders, so they are able to package and place loans in a way, to ensure clients are getting the best rates available to them to complete their goals.

Flexible Financing That Fits Your Needs:

Exceed Finance is known for their personalised service, their range of all-encompassing loan options and their above and beyond customer service makes getting a loan as easy as possible for their clients. They take the time to understand your project and financial situation, offering solutions that banks may not provide. Exceed Finance for example has direct access and preferred interest rates through 11 different lending facilities, each with their own criteria to who they will and won’t lend too and what they will and won’t lend on. Their criteria are constantly changing with the market and their company’s specific appetite for risk. This is their expertise, keeping on top of lending criteria and placing clients where their profile is best suited for their needs and what it is they’re looking to achieve. This can include flexible repayment options, tailored to fit your budget and ongoing flexible access to funds, to help you keep your cash flow on track.

There are a number of different loan options available through Exceed Finance, they can help you whether you are in the market for building or even have the need for:

  • Business or Personal Asset Loans for Vehicles, Boats, and Other Equipment
  • Secured Business and Personal Loans – This Means Cash Raising Against Assets You Already Own
  • Partially Secured Business and Personal Loans
  • Unsecured Business and Personal Loans
  • Revolving Line Credit for Business – This Product is Essentially A Credit Card

One excellent product mentioned above is the Line of Credit Product for Businesses. After lender’s assessment of your financials, they can give a company access to funds of up to $150k that can be readily available for a period of 24 months, with a weekly service fee of only 0.046% of the limit and only paying a fixed interest rate on the amount you have borrowed. The credit is revolving, like a credit card, which means you can draw down on any amount up to the approved limit, pay it back, and then use it again later-on. Once you’ve paid back that balance, you would go back to paying the low weekly service fee, to keep your account open. In the case of a full $150k approval, it will only cost you $69/week to keep this line of credit open and available to you. The limit of your Line of Credit, as well as your interest rate, are personalised to you, based on an assessment of your business and directors credit profile. This is just one of the excellent options that may be available to you and your business.

For more information on the different loan options or to apply for finance visit https://exceedfinance.co.nz/ or give them a call at 0800 2 EXCEED”


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