Retro Construction Limited


Building Damage Repairs & Insurance Claims Projects

If you need us to deal with an Insurance claim, we can do so in full. 

In our gallery, we showcase a repair caused by a ramraid. We handle all types of similar repairs, including doors and carpentry fixings, to any other repairs you may have, to restore your property to its pre-damage condition, or even better.

If you need assistance with an insurance claim, we can manage the entire process for you. This includes lodging the claim, handling the pre-damage/urgent procedures, follow up of approval, performing the repairs to keeping records (photos and reports), while finalizing the claim and the payments. We have the experience to manage this efficiently, so if you’re busy, all we need is your permission and occasional answers to a few questions to complete this in the shortest time possible for you!

We have a passion for maintenance like no one else! Proper maintenance ensures your property will serve you well in return. We excel at handling tricky repairs, with a problem-solving approach. With the inspection eye of a property manager in the firm, we can create an ongoing maintenance plan tailored for your property. We collaborate with a few other service providers we trust and know for the works we don’t do and we perform ongoing repairs, maintenance and provide suggestions, ensuring you remain carefree, while living in your property. We can even provide a report if you choose.

For more photos of projects please contact the office or ask to view some during your Onsite Quotation.