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Every home renovation differs. When you start this process, it is best to get an estimation of costs first and keep extra’s in mind like, plans, council costs and other professional services. Once we have an idea on the scope of work and budget, we can then revise the estimation and draft a quotation that will include the “needs” first and then the “wants”, if your budget is limited and leave space where possible, to add the “wants” later-on. Our quotations are detailed and accurate, based on professional estimation principles, so we can work within the set budget as far as what is visibly possible.

The processes the councils follow is not always understandable to our clients. As a professional in the industry, who has dealt with this for years, we would prefer to handle these processes for you as part of the project management. What is important for the client to know is that councils check each structural building phase within a set appointment date and time as the process progresses. Soft renovations like, painting or laying new carpets do not need council approval and can be completed faster. We can manage this process for you all the way though and until we have the final council approval documents and CCC in our hands.


This depends on your type of project. Most importantly a client needs to know that a good builder will work with a project plan that is drafted before the start of the project, that will include any deadlines you have in mind and that project plan will assist you to plan and accommodate your personal needs, so that the building phase would be an exciting period in time for you, rather than a spanner in the works.

We can and all it will take is a consultation to get up to speed with what is needed from end, so we both have the same result in mind as to satisfy the clients need. The other option when clients do not have an architect or designer, is that we provide an inhouse service, entailing onboarding our architect or designer and we usually find this the best option, as we all know each other ways of work. For simpler projects we also provide a free designing service during the quotation phase, so that you do not only have the benefit of a free estimate, but also a practical and well-designed project.

The Director of Retro Construction Ltd has 32 years building experience with degree and diploma qualifications such as estimating, construction management, project management and more. He also has international building experience, as per our company profile available on our website and was the Director of two other international based companies, one still being active, in the last 3 decades.

We can provide national and international references if needed and we will gladly refer any prospective clients where needed, even for site visits of existing works.

We are registered with Site Safe in NZ, a well-known organisation and are always looking at ways to improve our safety by attending the needed training, following on-site procedures and communicating safety onsite and in meetings.

As a well experienced project managing company, problem solving a part of our daily tasks. There are not many problems we have not dealt with in the past and within a fair outlook, logical thinking and practical applications there is mostly solutions. By following the right protocol, in the right sequence will usually ensure a problem free outcome, but otherwise our goal would also be to resolve the unexpected, in the shortest time possible.

This is a big yes and very important for any construction project to enable us to make the right decisions, choices and to assist with placing material orders at the right intervals of each phase of the project. As a very experienced project management company we can also provide a very detailed timeline for the project when and if needed. The larger the project, the finer the planning process would also be.

The most important step is to ensure that the project is monitored very well from start to end. Council inspections also ensure this happens, but the quality of each building company differs and therefore it is important to choose a good builder, that also cares about detail, with solid experience and qualifications. Many builders only have the minimum level of qualifications or only a few years of experience in the industry, which is not always enough when it comes to certain types of projects or high-end ones/finishes. It is difficult to find a builder that has it all! Also, obtaining your clients approval as you go and good communication, will also ensure you reach their expectation in the end. Our target is however to reach above that expectation and “wow” our clients. There are other factors that will also contribute to reaching expectations and we are happy to discuss them further, so please call us if you have more questions.


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