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Many homeowners are choosing to renovate their existing home, rather than opting for the expense and hassle of buying and moving into another house.

Retain those aspects you love about your home and create exciting new elements of your dream home — the best of both worlds.

Kitchen Renovations

Renovating a cramped or dated kitchen makes meal preparation easier and entertaining more enjoyable, not to mention the capital value it adds to your home and the proudness you will feel, especially where it comes to your kitchen. Our team of experts will help you design the layout and source the very best materials and appliances for your budget. We will attend possible structural changes creating an open plan where needed, ceiling, skirting and wall upgrades, while our manufacturing partners will focus on installing/upgrading the cupboards and countertops.

Bathroom Renovations

Our expert designers will help you create a bathroom that combines style with the ultimate in functionality. What’s more, our design process lets you envision exactly how it will work for you and this way you can make changes even before we start out! It helps to get the little things right that creates the perfect end-result. If your budget is limited, a few basic treatments and upgrades, can also makes a world of difference, so you can enjoy, relax and have a space you deserve!

Other Room Renovations

Whatever your needs are, we have done it all in the 30+ years before! A tranquil bedroom upgrade, an all-colourful playroom renovation for the kids or just a freshening up of you lounge area, it all adds value to your property and make you the proud homeowner you want to be. We will execute all to the finest detail, so its neat and perfect in presentation for the years to come.

Full Home Interior Renovations

For more photos of projects please contact the office or ask to view some during your Onsite Quotation.

Single Room Interior Home Renovations

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry – Painting, Tiling & Carpentry Work

For more photos of projects please contact the office or ask to view some during your Onsite Quotation.